The Beginning

Hello people,

Well, I decided to start a little blog. I had the idea to write a blog about funny stories that happen to me like when I accidentally printed out my poem for acting class in Vietnamese. Or when I accidentally sent my acting teacher a link to the Spanx website that was intended to go to my sister (she ripped my Spanx tights and needed to buy me new ones). You know, fun stuff like that. Funny things happen to me and they are fun stories to tell.

A little background---

My whole "strugs" nickname started my Freshman Year of college when I was in a little musical called Sugar. The show in itself was a struggle, but I proved to be the biggest strug of all. On the day we opened I was feeling a little nauseous and went to pick up my friend Leah who was visiting from NYC to see the show and proceeded to throw up all over the LB lobby floor. (Good times). I swore to her that I was fine and we headed down to BU where we were performing. I let the people in the show know what happened and they were freaking out a little. You see, there were only three girls in the chorus: Me, Vanessa and Lauren. I didn't have a huge part, but it would be pretty obvious that I wasn't there. And as you guessed it, I wasn't. I spent our opening night backstage curled up on a couch sick as a dog (I don't really understand that expression). I started feeling better the next day and thankfully got to perform closing night (we only had two performances). All in all I made the best of the experience and learned that although crazy things happen to me, I usually have a good attitude about it. :)

So I hope you like my blog. I don't know how often I'll update because I never know when struggles strike. I'll probably include some good stories about my friends at home. I'm definitely going to post about this past new years which was spent stranded in the middle of a lake and also in a minivan.

Also if you have any things you want me to write about, let me know!

you know you love me