Show-a-Week FAIL

Ok so in my Friday studio class each week we have to introduce ourselves to a new musical by listening to the OBC recording, reading the libretto or seeing a performance of it, and then we write a paper analyzing the musical critically. We call them "Show-a-Weeks". The last show-a-week I turned in was on Pippin. I wrote this paper while I was in tech for You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, so I will admit, during that week my mind was elsewhere. I came back from thanksgiving break and received this response to my report on Pippin:

Elise, though I appreciate you turning in your report of PIPPIN, I’m sad to say that it’s not very good. You seem to understand and “get” the show pretty well, but there is absolutely NO substantive talk about the music here! We’ve been through this before, so I expect you to do much better next week. In addition, as I’ve said before, please proof your work before you turn it in. This is one of the most poorly-proofed reports I’ve ever seen. Page 2: “...since she technically queen”. Page 3: “He thinks the sun is his reign as kind, but he will....” Page 3: At the bottom of the page you don’t even finish the sentence. It’s a mess!

This is one of those times where I just have to laugh at myself.
☮ elise