Facebook Glottony

As you probably know (cause if you read this you probably know me well enough) I gave up Facebook for Lent. I've realized I'm really good at Lent. I don't exactly know why. I'm not super religious. I don't think that if I screw up Lent God will smite me. I think I just have respect for the process of Lent. To me, it's about releasing something that adds any amount of toxicity to your life. I had very good reason to give up Facebook. I think it can be great in so many ways, but it can be toxic when you are spending too much time on it and really good at Facebook stalking. I needed to get out and detox.

So I detoxed.

And it wasn't difficult. As I said, I'm good at Lent. I think its actually harder to add things in your life than cut things out. At least for me. I added yoga, and I'm loving it. But I wasn't as diligent at it as I was the giving up part. I was consistent, but I could have been more so. Thankfully, I'm continuing it beyond Lent and making Yoga a permanent addition to my life. So the fact that it's addition wasn't a perfect transition is okay.

I re-entered the Facebook world Sunday at 12am. It was overwhelming at first. I had a bunch of notifications, and it was like a huge rush, oddly enough. I felt like I was doing something wrong. Now whenever I check Facebook, I feel the need to justify why I'm checking it. I will admit though, I went full throttle. I experienced a bit of a Facebook binge. That's expected though, I mean, I haven't had it in over a month, so I think I have the right to relish and enjoy. I think though, after the excitement is over, I will settle into a happy medium.

It was kind of liberating, not having a Facebook. I missed not contacting my friends from home easily, and looking at pictures and funny videos, but I realized that Facebook is definitely not necessary for my life. I found out about parties from word of mouth, so my social life did not fail. My life also didn't really change. There was no profound lesson I learned from it. It was more so the process and the letting go that was the reward of the experience. I'll admit, I felt kinda like a badass.

I'm back on Facebook. I'm in the gluttony stage. I'll get over it and hopefully return to some normalcy. I do embrace my Facebook Queen-dom though. I'll admit, I'm a good facebooker. I just need to keep it from the toxic stage. We'll see.