Despite my hypochondria, I have seriously wondered if I could be narcoleptic.

I've fallen asleep in classes before, it's nothing new. In high school I consistently fell asleep in Mr. Huchinsons US History class every day junior year. After he gave his lecture notes (which I would sometimes fall asleep during once I copied down everything) he would always give us "documents" to read. I would lay my head on my desk pretending I was reading them and get a little nap in there. People started noticing when ink appeared on my face like "test mon" or "call mom". This happened quite often.

A week ago I took an hour long nap in my Ethics class. Before class I decided I was going to start taking better notes because our midterm was hard and I realized I needed to start actually understanding and comprehending in class. Instead I stuck my arms inside my sweatshirt for warmth and fell asleep, waking up an hour into class.

I even fall asleep in social situations outside of class. (This is why I've started to wonder if it's an actual problem). At the beginning of the year a bunch of my classmates got together at my friend's apartment for a study session. We were just sitting around on the couch talking about Shakespeare, and I fell asleep for a good 30 mins and missed the synopsis of the book I skimmed over this summer.

I know I'm probably not really narcoleptic, but I can't help but wonder. I think I just have very strange sleeping patterns, I always have. I hate going to sleep because I feel like I'm going to miss out on something exciting that will happen before I end my day. That's why I hated bedtime as a child. I guess the fear carried over to my adulthood.

This summer was actually when I started having this problem the most. I fell asleep in a bar (something I'm too embarrassed to give details about), and I fell asleep so often on my friends' couch in their apartment that no one was surprised anymore when I fell asleep during a game of kings.

I don't really mind falling asleep in class, but I do mind falling asleep when I should be having fun. So I'm thinking this is something I should work on...but I don't quite know how. I used to make fun of my mom for falling asleep during movies, and now that's slowly turning into a habit of mine. Apple...tree...ugh. Oh well.