Strugs in the SNOW

I haven't left my house in three days.

It's getting to me.

Sunday was accidental because I needed to get over a cold. Finally all the going out from this break got to me and I was dead to the world for the entire day. Then, that night as a large majority of you might know, it snowed.

It actually snowed a lot, I was impressed. (So much for global warming...should I not say that?) It wasn't the 1/2 inch of snow we got on Christmas, this was straight up snow. And so much prettier, I might add, than when it snows in Boston. That snow gets gross and disgusting from cigarette buts and pollution in half an hour and just looks like brown slush that wont leave till April. This snow is pretty and fluffy and my dogs keep staring at it wanting to play.

But...this snow means that I have been unable to leave my house for 2 days. Tack on Sunday, and I have been stuck in my home for 72 hours, give or take. And I'm going crazy.

Sunday I mostly stayed in bed all day, trying to get better. And I uploaded videos of Christmas Break and made a cute video, so it was actually nice to relax and screw around all day. Little did I know I would be stuck here for 2 more. Yesterday I decided not to eat until 5 o clock because nothing looked appealing. My mom is on an all fruits and veggies detox so that's all we have, and I wanted Chick-Fil-A. Nothing productive happened. Today was slightly better. I moved the clothes from my floor into a laundry basket, but of course didn't do laundry. I watched some Millionaire Matchmaker, Toy Story 3, The Bachelor, sent some e-mails, wrote some potential blogs, researched some new songs, did some homework...and there are probably still some more productive things I could do...




I need to get out of here. I'm going to go all Jack Nicholson on my family very soon if I do not leave. Just for five minuets to get a hamburger, or to deposit my pay check, which I've been meaning to do for two weeks. ANYTHING!! I've won 2 games of Scrabble which means I've been playing it far too much because I used to suck at that game.

Get me outta here! Anyone have a helicopter?


PS--Any of you who do not include my parents or dogs who would like to skype me and give me some human interaction, my skype name is elise_taff. I promise I'll be entertaining.<--- My dog, Wilbur, is dying to get out, too.