I'm wondering if my habit of spilling things has anything to do with anything. Am I really that clumsy? Is there some nerve or bone in my fingertips causing me to be a frequent spiller? Do I spill more than the average human? Probably. I usually spill atleast once a day. If I don't spill on any given day it usually means the next day is a double whammy or I partake in some huge epic spill. The thing is, spilling isn't really something I can prevent. Or maybe I do kind of ask for it... I know I have a habit of putting glasses too close to the edge of the table. My friends are always moving glasses for me. Beth Laird knows what I'm talking about.

But I think I figured it out...to a degree. It all makes sense when you look at the type of padestrian I am. It is a wonder I have not gotten run over. I must have some invisible protective shield around me when I'm walking around Boston. But I realized it's not that I'm being a horrible padestrian and ignoring stop lights on purpose. I'm not paying attention because I focus all my awareness internally. I'm always so in my head that all of my self awareness lies there. I have some awareness in my physical life but that's not where I'm focusing. My mind is always churning so quickly that all of my attention goes there instead of how I'm swinging my arm too much and then accidentally whack the person in front of me.

I'm wondering if there maybe could be a solution to my clumsy-ness. Maybe if I do more yoga or take dance classes I'll be better equipped to be aware of my surroundings. Or maybe I'm just a klutz. I see it happening. My hand will loose all muscle control and I'll slowly see the glass of whatever the hell it happens to be this time tumble and fall onto the ground. Usually a carpet.

I guess all I can do is apologize in advance to the things I may spill in my future and to those around me who will be affected. It's not in my control. Or maybe it is?