Strugs fulfills her civic duty...

Sometimes I actually think my life is a sitcom and I am the main character. Things happen, and I sit there thinking...someone had to have written my life. Or maybe I'm just dramatic and think my life is way more interesting than it actually is. Either way, I'm gonna write about it.

So a few days ago, I had jury duty. When I found out I actually had to go (I was on "standby" so I had to call the night before to see if I actually had to go) I was pissed. I was dead set on not having to get called in. I mean...I don't know anyone who actually enjoys going to jury duty except for maybe retired old people who have nothing else to do and need some excitement, but I was pretty bitter about going. There was some cursing and throwing of random objects when I found out. However, it ended up being a pretty awesome day.

I got there at 8am and parked at the orange lot at Turner Field to take the shuttle over to the courthouse. I had to wake up at 6:45am, which is the earliest I've woken up in at least a year. I got into the big waiting room filled with tons of people and thought I'd probably be there for a few hours and leave around 11. I should really stop assuming things because then it just turns out to be the opposite. At around 10 o clock they called my name, gave me a number and I had to head up to a courtroom with 45 other people. This is when I started to accept that I was going to be there for a while and this was going to be a real jury duty experience. I thought I might as well find the positive in this and try to have some fun or something so maybe my luck would turn around.

Turns out that the case I was called in to be a potential jury member was a 19 year old boy (man? dude?) on trial for attempted MURDER of his 2 year old daughter. (Am I allowed to say this? Oh well...that's all I'll say). This was not some regular old traffic court jury duty. This was the real deal. And you know what, I kind of prefer this. Way more exciting. We all had to stand up one by one and basically tell everyone our entire background/life story. It's pretty fascinating having all these strangers around you and then you find out all about their life. There was a woman who talked about working at Weight Watchers every time she spoke. Later that day I was talking to a lady and she was like, "Was she trying to advertise for Weight Watchers or something, Geez!" There was a guy who had 6 kids and 12 grandchildren, and the woman I was sitting next to had served on a jury 2 times before. I told her she must be very open minded.

Anyway, we were questioned for hours, and it was pretty intense. One of the lawyers asked me what the hardest decision I ever had to make was, and I told her I don't think I have one. So she asked me how I make decisions and I said, "I make decisions pretty quickly, and I usually don't change my mind". This is true. I don't make them so quick that I can't think it over, but I'm a pretty good decision maker. I don't regret my decisions most of the time. I thought about all the things you're supposed to say and do so you don't get on the jury, but I decided it wasn't worth it. Way too much effort to try to appear whatever way. Plus, it could end up screwing you over in the long run anyway.

They deliberated on the jury for freaking EVER. They sent us out for 30 mins and then passed a piece of paper back and forth for another twenty. My heart was racing when they announced the jury. I couldn't even count to keep track of how many names they called. And I did not get picked! A part of me kind of wanted to be on the jury just to see what happened...but I was pretty ecstatic to be free.

When I got out, I waited outside for the shuttle back to the Turner Field lot for about an hour, so I started talking to some people about the case they were on, and we were swapping stories, etc. Long story short, I realized that the case they were on was a man being accused of burglarizing one of my friend's houses! I was so shocked! Small world. And to top off my jury duty experience, right before I got on the shuttle to go back to my car, my flip flop broke. See? My life: sitcom.