Directionally Challenged

I've been in the city for a little over a week now, and I am very happy to be here. I'm still figuring things out as I go along, but I am slowly getting more and more comfortable.

When I got here, I was afraid of using and navigating around the subway. Whenever I've taken it before, I was too overwhelmed to really try and understand how it worked. I was pleased to find that it's actually pretty easy. You just have to follow signs, pretty much. Also-I would not survive without my iPhone. My biggest problem seems to be when I get off the Subway.

You see, as all of you are probably aware, I am directionally challenged. Left and right was difficult enough to master, so north, south, east, and west seem out of the question. When I was in LA everyone talked about east and west being related to the mountains or something, but it was too much for me so I just relied on my GPS. But in the city, distinguishing between north and south is kind of important.

Every time I go somewhere new, I get off the Subway and immediately bury myself into my phone. What I've realized is when I do not do this, my natural inclination for what direction I'm supposed to be going is most likely wrong. It's too confusing to tell myself to do the opposite of whatever I'm naturally feeling because then I wouldn't be able to differentiate which one was the actual natural (and wrong) decision. So I use my phone. And I'm getting better with practice.

I've even had a few dreams about the Subway already, so we're getting to be friends, I guess. Maybe we'll be enemies later, who knows. Anything beats the T. Or MARTA. MARTA doesn't even count.

I haven't had any major subway strugs quite yet, so stay tuned. I've actually found that my entertainment for long subway rides is children. Whether they're being cute or annoying its at least the same amount of entertainment. I keep forgetting to bring earphones, so it's my only excitement. Homeless people are just a whole other blog post.

So I will continue to work on directional challenges and I'm sure I'll be getting around the city with ease quite soon. I would also like to note that I am currently thinking in a British accent because I've become obsessed with Downton Abbey. So if my wording sounds British...that's why.