Adults Try Things

Lately my strugs are telling me to start being more of an adult. Naturally I want to ignore this because I tend to get a little stuck in Never Never Land and would much rather eat a bunch of candy than join a gym, watch TV than go to the grocery store, or buy a new dress than pay my bills. But then sometimes a do or die situation (strug) forces me into being responsible. It seems boring at first, but when I actually do something grown up and productive I actually end up feeling like a superstar. So maybe this whole adulthood thing isn't half bad.

I don't know why, because I'm pretty sure I am not a huge account holder at Bank of America, but they seem to think that someone is out to get me because you wouldn't believe how many times a year they think someone is trying to hack my account. I've also lost my debit card at least twice this year, so maybe that has something to do with it. Last weekend my account for no reason was "digitally compromised" so they had to cancel my card and order me a new one, and I was essentially without money for two days and had to mooch off of people because I literally had no means of paying for anything. Being the one to go get a drink with friends and then be like "Oh, yeah so my debit card got cancelled for no apparent reason, so I can't pay for anything" is not fun. I mean, it's kinda fun cause it's like buying things on credit...but owing people money because of your strug debit card is annoying.

This is an example of me having a strug and then having to be a grown up to fix it. I went to the bank, got a temporary card and signed up for my first credit card. Realizing that I have so many debit card strugs made me man up and get a credit card so that if this ever happens again I don't have to mooch off of people for cash. I'm hoping that having a credit card will solve problems rather than create new ones, but it's a step into adulthood, and it's pretty satisfying. I actually had my first productive day off on Monday that I have ever had since I've moved to New York City. Because of this, I almost fell asleep at 9 o clock while watching Gossip Girl with my roommate (going to bed at 9pm for me is like going to bed at 6pm for any normal person, aka doesn't happen) but thankfully snapped out of it and woke up for my second wind.

So maybe being a grown up isn't as bad as I thought. Funny thing is, exactly a year ago from yesterday I graduated from college. The post grad year is officially over. I've decided that the post grad year goes in stages. So for those of you recent graduates, here's what you're getting into:

Stage 1: Celebration
No more homework, no more class, no more this or that! You are free! People are giving you money and you are drinking even more alcohol than you did freshman year. Your graduation pictures are embarassing because you are hungover, haven't slept in 2 weeks, your hair is frizzy, and you haven't gotten rid of that weight you gained in college yet. Life is great!

Stage 2: Denial
Instead of panicking about not knowing what you're going to do with your life, you decide to go the denial route. It's summer, so you've got time to pretend that real life has not yet set in and it's time to have fun...and celebrate more...and maybe you tell people you are still in college so you don't have to explain to them that you've graduated but you have no idea what you're going to do with your life yet. You miss the comforts of college and start to regret taking 16 credits your last semester so you could graduate on time.

Stage 3: Panic
You think this is your quarter life crisis, but it can't possibly be, because you're only 22. Denial has worn off and panic has set in. Your parents start pressuring you to move out, and you've already watched every season of Mad Men, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Six Feet Under, and Dexter. From here things are going to go up or down. You're either going to live in your parents basement till you're 35, or you're going to buckle down, make some decisions and enter the real world.

Stage 4: Acceptance
This is the best stage, because life really begins. You still feel like you are in the post-grad stage, but you realize that its not too shabby. The comforts of college are long gone, but the freedom of the real world is starting to look pretty sweet. Having to do adult things like pay bills and rent kind of sucks, but then you remember that you can do all those things you wanted to do but couldn't because you were in school, and the possibilities seem endless.

One of the biggest things I've learned since last may was that now I get to make my own rules. Being in your twenties is about finding yourself through being open to possibilities. It's the time in your life before you "settle down" when you have the freedom to figure out who you are. Which is pretty cool. So I'm going to decide to be happy being a grown up, and try not to dwell in the added responsibilities.

And to quote Lena Dunham from Girls:
"You know what? Adults try things. That's what I've learned."

So I'm gonna go with that point of view.