Christmas Traditions

Christmas Eve Dinner
This year Christmas is going a little differently because Mama Taff has the flu. Being the matriarch that she is, she's really the one who makes this holiday happen, and always cooks everything. I looked at this as a new challenge, and after only boiling over the milk for the grits once, I had a pretty successful run preparing Christmas Eve dinner myself. I'm enjoying being the chef de cuisine for the Taff family household this year mostly because I don't have to clean afterwards.

But traditions don't completely die. Every year I always fall asleep during whatever holiday movie we choose. Usually it's Charlie Brown Christmas, but since I cooked I decided I was in charge of everything for Christmas and ruled it out because I do not need to see that for a 23rd time. Instead we watched Elf, and like clockwork, I fell asleep in the first five minuets. I did get a glimpse of a bang-less blonde Zooey Deschanel on a date with Buddy, but that was it.

I'm actually liking this whole sense of power I've gained with the cooking. I'm all about tradition and stuff, but it's kind of fun to veto and shake things up. But no matter what, I will always fall asleep at a slightly inappropriate time. That's a tradition that will not die.