The Thing About Coming Home Is...

The thing about coming home is that you remember that dancing really hard to Robyn hurts your calves.

...  that you've been doing 6 hours of ab workouts from laughing so hard for the past two days.

...  your dogs are so cute that even your friends stop conversation to look over at them and take a picture.

... you have to remember how to properly clean a kitchen again since lately you've been kind of slightly obeying your roommates quasi kitchen maintenance guidelines.

... you forgot that eating a block of brie is probably not good for your waistline, but oh well you ate two fried mac n' cheese balls anyway.

... thank God your mom made you an appointment with her chiropractor because that fall three weeks ago from Nick's lofted bed has maybe caused injury.

... you forgot how bright it is below the Mason Dixon line and you should have brought sunglasses for driving purposes and maybe you wouldn't have gotten so lost doing that Christmas shopping yesterday.

--- it's really nice having a bigger room where you can spread your mess around so it's not as claustrophobic and you can just not care.

--- everything in your house smells like pine.

---  seeing your friends from high school who've grown into themselves and are figuring out their lives is inspiring. You feel lucky to know these people.

... you will always miss your hometown. And you're proud of where you come from.