Things I Should Stop Doing

I forgot to blog yesterday. It's a travesty, I know.

However I'm not completely counting it as failure because I legitimately forgot as opposed to purposefully didn't. It's like when you forget to put that bowl of cereal in the dishwasher. You had every intention of putting it there when you finished eating, but you got distracted and forgot.

Forgetfulness is not one of my strongest traits. I actually have a lot of not strong traits. I've decided to list them in today's (tonight's?) blog as punishment. Also maybe this will inspire me to make changes.

Things I Need to Stop Doing:

1. Falling asleep with my mouth open on planes.
The instant a plane starts to move, my neck loses traction and I fall asleep. I have no control over this. And my mouth is wide open. It's so unattractive. When I was little I trained myself to sleep with my mouth closed for fear of bugs crawling into my mouth, but it never transferred to plane sleeping habits.

2. Forgetting to blow out candles

3. Falling asleep around 10 and then waking up and going to bed for real at 3 or 4am.
My sleep "schedule" is a joke.

4. Leaving messes everywhere I go
This doesn't just apply to my room. I pick things up unknowingly all the time because I have a constant need to be holding something. This causes me to spread items all over a room without realizing it. It's like accidentally making a huge mess. I don't realize I'm doing it. But it should probably stop.

5. Thinking my body is invincible 
Ohh the sacrifices I make in the sake of having fun in the moment. Humpf! I don't know how many more lets-go-out-tonight-even-though-I-have-to-wake-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn scenarios I can take.

6. Hoarding emails
Right now there are 1,195 unread emails in my inbox. I'm the email inbox equivalent to a cat lady hoarder.

7. Reading or watching scary things before I go to sleep
I do this all the time and then spend an hour watching or reading something funny to make myself feel better and then when I shut off the lights and it's dark I get scared that Ester from Orphan is going to set me on fire.

8. Spending so much money on going out to eat
I need some serious motivation to stop doing this, but food uncooked by me is just so much more fun to eat! Going out to eat has been my idea of the most fun thing ever since childhood. If my parents didn't want to take us out to eat on Friday night, my weekend was ruined.

9. Painting my nails when I'm dangerously close to falling asleep
They get messed up

10. Confusing and forgetting keys
Today I did not forget my keys thankfully, because last time I went home I accidentally left them there. But this time I accidentally brought the keys to my car with me in my luggage. I can't get it right.

It would be nice to get better at these things. Number two is probably the most important to take care of ASAP. I don't know if there is hope for number three.