Here's the thing.

It's 2013.

All I've really done in the past 2 hours is pop balloons with a fork.

It was tedious.

I also talked to a stranger on the train who had a cool Irish accent. I told him about Emerson. He was semi familiar with the Boston area.

The thing about New Year's is that it's a holiday where my expectations are in champagne only. Other than that I'm game. But ending up in your own bed eating Triscuits and hummus is a lil weird. But whatevs. It's fine. It would be so cool if it wasn't weird to get a pizza delivered at 3:55 in the morning.

For 2013 I resolve to figure more shiz out. There's no min or no max. Just a fig. Not the fruit. The metaphor. But srsly...I have lots to conquer. Aside from room cleanliness there is plenty.

Have a good night.