Lesson Learned

Last week was a big learning experience for me. I learned a lot about myself. And drug overdose. Here's the breakdown:

Tuesday night I went out to dinner with my roommate who had just returned from being away for two months. We don't mess around when we go out to eat. Last time we went out we ordered a side of steak frites. We ball out, and we don't apologize for it. On Tuesday night I felt it necessary to try a plethora of cocktails and wine as well as eat my weight in food. I ordered aged Novo Fogo cachaça on the rocks with dessert cause, why not?

Well, I woke up on Wednesday morning with my clothes still on and the headache of a thousand knives piercing through my skull. The plan of the day was to look at apartments and then go to improv class later on that night. After a few hours of wallowing in pain/stupidity I decided to shape up and took two regular acetaminophens and then an acetaminophen that had codeine in it cause, why not?

Well, a word to the wise: don't do that actually. My roommate informed me shortly after swallowing that fatal pill that he had heard a This American Life podcast about how bad it is to take acetaminophen when you're hungover and how easily you can overdose on it and go into liver failure. Immediately I started sweating and googling and waiting for my impending death.

I went to go look at the apartment and the effects of the codeine et al quickly set in and my headache was gone and I was feelin' weird. And then magically we found out that our dream apartment was available and we were in the West Village filling out an application and I was like "Yeah sure...whatevs, I'll take it". Then I got to improv class and got confused about all the rules in the improv games. My teacher was giving me feedback and my eyes were literally rolling back into my head. And then I remembered the story she told us about not doing drugs before class because one time someone in her class was on heroin, so I was not about to tell her I accidentally may have overdosed on acetaminophen.

So yeah...don't do what I did. Any of it. Aged cachaça is really good though.

Also, last week I learned:

You know how people have bitchy resting face?

Well, I think I have worried resting face. People at work are always asking me if I'm okay, and I'm all "Uh yeah I'm totes fine..." It's hard to find photographic evidence of this because I'm usually actively making a face in most pictures, but I'm working on it.

Also, I remembered that the reason I'm so bad at sports is that I literally scream and jump when someone throws something at me. I always forget this until I have to play a team building exercise. Even in improv class when we throw imaginary things at each other I jump. What gives?