I Resolve!

   Hello, readers! I've been gone for a while; at first due to laziness and then due to busy-ness. Nevertheless, I am back with the intention to stay and blog away. I'm serious! I mean it this time. 

  Part of my absence was due to being cast in a parody musical of the Hunger Games called The Hungry Hungry Games. It was the first full length show I've done in years and it felt really good. It's so easy to forget what you love about acting when you aren't performing and rehearsing all the time. This project was really fun and will hopefully be back at the PIT this summer.

  While I've been gone from the blogosphere, I've been doing a lot of reading and thinking and talking about happiness and habits. I've been on quite the Gretchen Rubin binge - I'm currently reading her newest book, "Better than Before" and finished "The Happiness Project" not too long ago. 

  I've been thinking about these two subjects ever since my last post, "Habitual Hibernation" and trying to think of how I can change my life with this new found knowledge and self awareness. On April 1st, I set out to start Day 1 of my own Happiness Project. I printed out a Resolutions Chart from Gretchen’s website, came up with a list of goals for the month and started monitoring my progress. About half way through, it fell to the wayside and I stopped logging almost completely all together because I knew I wasn't accomplishing my goals. Ordering Mexican food and not owning up to it is a lot easier than going into my kitchen and trying to see what I can whip up. (Although currently the main ingredients in my kitchen are goldfish and jellybeans, so maybe a trip to the grocery store is what I was avoiding.)

  I am not ready to give up, however, and have told myself that maybe I just need to find a different tactic. Gretchen Rubin wrote a whole book and blogged daily about her own Happiness Project, so why can't I? I've learned that I am an Obliger, which means that I am motivated by accountability. Any kind of internal expectations are very difficult for me to uphold, but if someone is counting on me for something, I am much more likely to whatever it is they are wanting me to do. 

  So that brings me to estrugs, and how I plan to use this space and my readers to help me out and keep me accountable of reaching my goals. I mean, what's more struggly than me trying to find ways to stop mindlessly perusing the internet for YouTube videos of Sophia Grace & Rosie and go the gym instead? 

  I plan to start with tackling Foundation Habits (according to Rubin, those consist of 1. sleep 2. move 3. eat and drink right and 4. unclutter) and then working my way through other goals I've set for myself for the year. Each month I'll focus on different habits I'd like to focus on etc. and then I'll blog about it here. I might throw some 30 day challenges or something in there, too. 

  The idea around this isn't perfection - far from it. It's more about sharing my experience with other people and how you can work towards being a better version of yourself all while maintaining a good sense of humor. I watched an interview with Gretchen where she mentioned that most people who write books about habits are Upholders and are good at maintaining habits. If you are confused about some of my verbiage, visit her website or take this quiz and find out which of the Four Tendencies you are. (Man...I should get paid for this advertising!)

    I, on the other hand, am pretty awful at maintaining habits. It took months of yelling for my roommate to get me into the habit of turning off the bathroom light, and I still forget sometimes. I'm also pretty awful at breaking bad habits. I still don't technically tie my shoes correctly. Long story.  I’m hoping that by sharing my experience, it will offer the perspective from someone who is, might I say - a little more relatable. 

  Here's what my resolution chart looks like for May, so you have an idea of what's going to happen over the next year (yikes!)

  Please PLEASE annoy me as much as you'd like and ask my how I'm doing, yell at me if I haven't blogged in a while, etc. Seriously, it'll help.

Let the struggles (and solutions) commence!