My Game of Thrones Quest

Lords and ladies of the interwebs; if you haven't heard, I have just recently begun a quest. Not unlike King Arthur and excalibur, I have begun a journey that not many believe can be done. I have taken upon the challenge to binge watch all five seasons of Game of Thrones by the Season 6 premiere on April 24th. 

A little background - I pride myself on my ability to binge watch TV series like no one's business. I discovered binge watching as a wee college graduate trying to figure out what to do during the day while I held a restaurant job at night. In one summer, I binge watched True Blood, Dexter, Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, and Six Feet Under. There were probably more, but as you can assume - that summer was quite a blur.

There was a point I was so transfixed and obsessed that I watched the series finale of Six Feet Under on my phone in the car while driving home from the mountains. In the last scene, Clare is driving to Sia's "Breathe" as everyone's lives flashed by and I was driving while watching and it was so emotional. Needless to say, I got lost on my way home. (I do not recommend driving while binging, btw.)

The other day my boyfriend told me that obsessive personalities make great artists, thus I have deduced that I am a "Binge Watch Artist".

Anywhoo, last Sunday I undertook this challenge mostly because I'm trying to catch up with the rest of the GOT obsessed world. Also, because someone said I couldn't do it. I like to prove people wrong. (What would my life be like if I made every single of my life goals a challenge to prove someone wrong? I feel like I'd get a lot done. Hmmm...?) 

So far, I have finished Season 1.  I'm not completely obsessed, but intrigued. I'm doing my best not to get emotionally attached to any characters because I know they all die anyway. At the end of this binge challenge I have been assigned to take a short quiz so that I can prove I actually comprehended the show, so I figured I'd include a synopsis of each season as I watch them. Look out for my Season 1 synopsis tomorrow! I was going to include it in this post, but this story is complicated and spell check is needed, so it's going to take me more than ten minutes. 

Until tomorrow, maidens and .... men.

I know nothing...yet!!!

I know nothing...yet!!!