A Shift in Perspective

       About a year ago, I made a discovery that I'm embarrassed to admit. Since this blog is a space for me to share all of my flaws and make fun of myself, I figured now was time to come clean. 

       Once upon a time, I was sitting in my room typing on my computer like any other normal day. I was probably writing a blog that I wouldn't post for another month because procrastinating is one of my many talents. There was a knock on my door, and my roommate, Anthony, popped his head in for our usual nightly chat. While we were talking, he looked down at my hands typing. 

"Elise, are you pressing caps-lock every time you capitalize a letter?", Anthony asked.

"Um, yeah..." I responded, confused. 

"And then pressing it again to go back to lowercase?"

"Yeah..." Does Anthony not know how to type correctly? I wondered.

"Why?" Wow, he really doesn't get it....

"Cause that's how you type?" I was starting to get defensive.

"You know you can capitalize a letter by using the shift key, right?" At this point Anthony clearly thinks I'm an idiot. And I think he's an idiot. 

"Yeah, but I was taught to use caps lock!" I cried.

"Even when you capitalize just one letter? Who taught you that?"

"I don't know! Mavis Beacon? I'm a really good typer!"

     And then our conversation spiraled into a debate. I am aware that Anthony knows everything about computers and all aspects of technology, but in fifth and sixth grade I took typing classes using the Mavis Beacon computer program, and I passed with flying colors! How could I be typing incorrectly?

     I quickly polled all of my resources: ie. my boyfriend, sister and all my friends I went to high school with. Anthony 12, Elise 0. I was astonished. My whole life felt like a lie. And then I found out there is ANOTHER shift button on the right hand side of the keyboard and my brain exploded.

     I've been shifting for about a year now, and it's going pretty well. Sometimes that caps lock sneaks its way back in, but I've changed my ways. I now use the caps lock button at the APPROPRIATE TIME. 

    These are the types of realizations that freak me out. Like, how many people saw me type in my adult life and thought, "Man, Elise is a complete idiot/slow typer, but I'm not going to say anything because I don't want it to be awkward". I don't know. I don't know how many people thought that. If it weren't for Anthony, I probably would have gone my whole life caps locking and un caps locking after each capitalized letter. WHAT A WASTE! 

    And the take away here, ladies and gents is to tell people when they're doing something stupid. They will most likely get defensive at first, but in the end they will thank you. Speak up. Please. For the sake of all the caps lockers around. We need to be found, and we need to be STOPPED!