When You Give a Girl a Black Eye...

A couple weeks ago I accidentally gave my coworker a black eye. It ended up not being a full on black eye with the dramatic bruises, but I injured her nonetheless. I opened a lowboy (translation: an under the counter refrigerator) on her eye because I don't have any depth perception. This is why I've gotten so many flat tires. There are things my eyes don't see! 

A lot goes through your mind when you hurt someone accidentally. Remorse is an obvious feeling. Stupidity. Shame. But most of all you feel pretty helpless because you can't UN-accidentally injure someone. What's done is done. 

Wayyy back in the 90's, my family and I lived in a little neighborhood in Germantown, TN called Aintree Farms. It was very quaint and the children all played together and had lemonade stands and such. There was a lake with ducks and everything. My best friend was my across the street neighbor, Jesse, and her last name was coincidentally, Nabers.

I was probably in first or second grade. Jesse, my sister and I would mingle with the other kids in the neighborhood often, and there was a new girl on the block: Joannah. All I really remember about her was that she had freakishly long blonde hair and was socially awkward. One day Joannah invited herself over to my house (an example of her social awkwardness) and decided to play wiffle ball with me in my backyard. Why I was voluntarily playing wiffle ball, I do not know. The next thing I knew, she hit me smack in the nose with a wiffle ball bat and I was clutching to my face, blood dripping down. Joannah barely apologized and promptly fled the scene. 

I held a grudge ever since. Not because she hit me - we all make mistakes - but because of how she handled it. Yes, she was awkward and no older than eight years old, but girl...have some manners. 

So the moral of the story is - we all make mistakes. Own up to it, make fun of yourself profusely, and give your coworker a homemade black eye survival kit.