Cooking for Idiots

My favorite thing about trying new things is making mistakes - mostly because they're hilarious. The struggle is part of the story, right? 

So this Whole 30 thing requires a lot of cooking. I'm pretty capable when it comes to the culinary arts, so this did not scare me. However, I am me, so screw ups are inevitable. 

Today I was preparing some lovely salmon cakes for my lunch. I bought parchment paper to do this - fancy! and canned salmon - thats a thing? and baby food - huh!? (Bear with me people. It wasn't my first choice. I needed pureed sweet potatoes and I didn't have time to do that myself, so the only ones in the grocery store with out added sugar/anything were these puppies. Blame society!! aka the USDA) 

Anywhoo - so I put these puppies in the oven and got ready to take a shower. In no time at all the oven is smoking. What is wrong with this stupid oven!?! I yell to myself. This is a brand new oven, but of course I am not to blame for making any kind of mistake! How dare you blame me for this, oven! I open the window and let the smoke out. This too shall pass, right? 

I hop in the shower, doin' my thang and all of a sudden it occurs to me - the parchment paper! I run out of the shower, completely naked, run to the still smoking oven, and yank out the trey of salmon cakes. The excess parchment paper hanging out of the tray had burnt to a crisp and I had forgotten to grease the paper as well, so the cakes were stuck to the paper. Ohhhhhhhh. Hehehh heh. Oops. 

So I guess you're supposed to cut parchment paper down, so it fits the tray? And I already knew you're supposed to grease a pan pre oven, but I forgot. Cause... I'm forgetful. Oh well. Live and learn. I'm just really glad I can still eat my lunch and that everyone in my building is still alive. Yippe!