Snowstorm Do's & Don'ts ft. Leonardo Dicaprio

This Monday, I finally got to see The Revenant where I picked up some wilderness/snow related survival skills, none of which came in handy during the Jonas Snowpocalypse of 2016. 

Did anyone else want to give him some serious chapstick?

Did anyone else want to give him some serious chapstick?

I thought about the lessons I learned during my own modern day experience, and then I looked through Leo's body of work and came up with a few snowstorm do's and don'ts:

1. DO exercise in your apartment. You will feel less guilty of all the nothing you are about to do with your body. 

2. DON'T have already watched basically everything worth watching on Hulu/Netflix/HBtOGo/Amazon Prime already. Restrain yourself throughout the year, and save up on a few shows to binge in case of an emergency. 

3. DO go to the grocery store on a weekly basis, so that when disaster strikes, you are already stocked up. Then you can laugh in the people's faces who were silly enough to wait till the very last minute for rations! 

4. DO buy wine even if you told yourself you wont want it. YOU WILL.

5. DO try to read a book for more than 20 minutes. In pioneer times, people used to read by candlelight in log cabins! You can do it!

6. DO something around your apartment that you've been putting off, like washing the dishes, building a model airplane, cleaning out your dresser, what have you, so your Dad will stop texting you asking you if you've set up your home voiceover studio yet. 


7. DO eat something healthy. And then eat something unhealthy. And then eat something healthy. See? It's all about balance.

8. DON'T get on the L just to see your boyfriend. 

9. DO try to play in the snow for a little bit even if it's to discover that all the stores are closed. Take a video of it and put it on Snapchat so you can conform like everyone else.

10. DO use your newfound snowstorm knowledge, and spread the wealth.

Thanks, Leo. Now go get that Oscar.