A Late Start

 It's six days into May, and I haven't really started this project thing yet. I was in a wedding this past weekend and decided that I'd like to have fun and not worry about exercise or picking up after myself and whatnot. I do not regret that decision one bit because I had a blast! Look at these hilarious pictures I took: 


   I solemnly vow to take awkward portraits like this at every wedding.

   I know you all must be wondering, okay what are you trying to accomplish this month, and are you actually going to do it? It's May 6th, the clock is ticking. 

   This month is about cleanliness. I'm going to try to clear my life of clutter, and my body of alcoholic toxins. I'm starting by doing some deep cleaning and re-organizing of my room. Right now there is crap everywhere, so I'm really starting this on a day of necessity. I will also be logging what I eat in this cool app I found called 20 Grand. 


  The app has you take pictures of what you eat and you can also log goals and exercise and such. It's kind of like fitness and health instagram but I haven't really delved into the social aspect of it quite yet (as you can see I'm following 5 people). The only thing I don't like about it is that it posts your "goal weight" and I'm not really into numbers like that. I don't weigh myself so I just put a number I once remember weighing and then I couldn't figure out how to delete it. Oh well. 

   Another big thing is that I'm giving up alcohol for 21 days. The day after Cinco de Mayo is a great time to start this challenge. (There are margarita remnants all over my kitchen...) I picked 21 instead of 30 days because I have a wedding June 6th and if the first time I drink in a long period of time is at a wedding I know myself and I know I'll be on the floor. The last time I gave up drinking I felt really great, so I'm hoping to kickstart this challenge on a good note!

   I'll be tracking my progress, trials and tribulations, so keep tuning in! I haven't figured all the logistics  out quite yet, this whole thing is kind of an experiment. But it should be fun and hopefully entertaining.